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$20.00 a roll? HIE cost more than that retail when it was discontinued. If such a film came back into production I would expect it to come back for far higher, twice perhaps three times the cost of the past. If photographers baulk at the price the question needs to be asked, how much are the images your producing with the medium worth? I know its not what people want to hear and sorry to be a Buzz Kill but I'm being as realistic as possible.
Wow, was HIE really $20 a roll? It was discontinued before I returned to shooting film so I don't know, but I was under the impression it was retailing for more like $14-15 US. Either way, I think we all are aware of the massive investment of money and R&D that would be needed to bring such a film to the market, and consequently, the unlikelihood of seeing a "true IR" film from Ilford. I'm just saying, it would be nice

I wonder what Ilford SFX would look like without an antihalation layer. Could be interesting, and possibly easier to produce than a true IR film? Just food for thought!