Gavin, I agree. I hope that with your shoulder issues you can at least lift a whisky glass the appropriate distance...

Max is awesome. Never gives up. He is making a couple of plates for me currently, which I am extremely psyched about. Have seen the DPUG gallery uploads too, and I hope you can continue to hone your own gravure skills too, Gavin. They are so beautiful, a result of real hard labor and determination, blood sweat and tears, with results that often disappoint in the beginning. But when you nail it it'll be worth every penny and second spent to get there. In the future it's something I wish to do too. But I can't afford the copper version.

I hope your shoulders get better soon!

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Ha - life is too short for bad whisky. Malts are one of my passions (along with jazz, books and visual art) and I'm a bit of an anorak. Tasting notes for independent bottlings of Glen Garioch 19 year old anyone?

Have had a good few emails back and forth with Max - regarding ink mixes, paper choices, calibration curves, plate wiping techniques etc etc. He exposes digitally enlarged negs onto copper plates, me onto polymer plates, but pretty similar workflow. Except he's a lot better than me! His results are pretty special, see DPUG gallery. Am currently recovering from 2x recent bouts of shoulder surgery, having bones cut and metal inserted (see picture) , so no wiping ink off plates for me in the studio for some time unfortunately...Attachment 58255