Thank you.

1. If my lens is cammed then is adjusting the rangefinder, incase it is uncalibrated, a DIY job?

2. Can I get a viewfinder for other focal lengths? Are they easy to come by?

3. Just to be sure (as I've never owned a LF camera), I can swap out the lens board to put on an uncammed 210mm lens, then when I put on a cammed 150mm lens everything will work just fine. That is, the rangefinder will still be aligned. Silly question, but I wanted to make sure.

I'm thinking about getting a Linhof IV/V with a cammed 150mm lens, then adding a longer lens (210mm, maybe) for portraits. The tele, I think would be less useful with the rangefinder for my application so possibly postponing or not even getting it cammed.