This is a really great all around lens for the 8x10 format. Also nice for 5x7. I believe it is modeled after the Kodak Commercial Ektar lens. The glass is in very good shape, although there are a few fine scratches on front surface and some internal specks.

The shutter is a No. 4 Acme Synchro and it works well. Haven't tested the flash synchro.

The lens has a small filter ring dent, but this type of lens does not use screw-in filters. I believe it would use a slip-on adapter. The barrel measures about 62.4mm. I will include a red and yellow Series 8 filters, but you would have to find a slip-on adapter/filter holder.

Price is $225 for lens, flange & filters. Or $250 including a Calumet C1 lensboard.