I'm a member of a meetup.com group for studio photography. It's a handy way to collect photographers with similar interests and share the cost of renting a studio and models. We mostly shoot models from Model Mayhem. A typical session is two hours with four photographers and 1 model.

Our group has about 90 members and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one shooting film in the studio. I shoot black and white film in medium format and very occasionally my 8x10. The other night I asked our 25ish year old model if she'd EVER had a film photo taken of her in any circumstance and she said no. She wasn't sure what was going to happen when I pushed the shutter release button.

My experience with models from Model Mayem is very good. Many of them have quite a bit of experience in front of a camera and already have an understanding of direction and posing. We do pay them a bit for their time and give them some images from the shoot. Most of them treat a film camera as something of an oddity and they're often somewhat curious. They're astounded by the upside down reversed image on the ground glass of my 8x10.

The models have always been accepting of my need to work a bit slower than my digital rapid-fire cohorts. My fellow digital shooters just fire off shots and drag the strobes around until they see what they like on the LCD screens of their cameras. I need to set the lights more carefully using my flash meter to adjust the light ratios and monitor the overall exposure. I can't turn my camera around and show the model what a great photo I just took.

These are models from Model Mayhem. Most of them appreciate something a little different from the liquified skin with unnaturally bright blue eyes they usually see.