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you are right
I have the same problem with my v750 (I'm so f***)

One trick I learned through this whole snafu; when you have a shot like yours (and mine on my Flickr site), where you have a neg that is dense on top and thin on bottom––i.e., something like sunny sky on top and ground surface on the bottom, this problem is greatly reduced (sometimes to zero) by rotating your negative 180˚, so that the scan head hits the ground part first and the sky part next. From my understanding, it's the strong contrast between the edge of the dense part of the negative and the translucent part just outside the frame, that causes this banding. The problem is magnified it you use a film (like the Acros 100 I used) that tend to go entire clear during fix. Yeah it's ugly, but waddayagonna do?

Unless, of course, this new Plustek film scanner is good enough that I'd want to shell out 2000 clams to upgrade from my V700