OK... about a week and a half until Bob and Laura's exhibit at the Valley Photo Center in Springfield, MA.
The dates of the show are Oct 16th trough Nov 24. The reception for the artists is Sat Oct 20th from about noon 'til four pm (I will be there almost all day). Regular gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm... I know, not convenient for most. I will be available to open the gallery on Saturdays during the run of the show if needed. All I ask is that you contact me before hand via PM. The Tower Square complex is closed on Sundays and is a real pain to open the gallery unless a big crowd is willing to all meet at the same time.
The VPC is located on the second floor mezzanine of Tower Square, 1500 Main St, Springfield, MA. Parking on the street is free on the weekend.

For all of you within a two hour drive (or so) of Springfield this is a great chance to meet Bob and Laura and see there work. Bob is quite well known on this and other forums. And it would be great to meet other APUGers that I haven't met yet.