USEFUL and UNUSAL ITEM 120-size film daylight-load processing tank $35.

AGFA RONDINAX 60 for 120-size film.

USEFUL: Allows loading and processing 120 film in DAYLIGHT without a darkroom or changing bag!

Have you ever been on a photography outing and wondered if your camera was operating correctly? If the camera makes a funny noise or you bump it or you just want to reduce the risk of equipment malfunction you will find that this can be helpful. It is an easy way to determine if you have accurate focus, unfogged film, and proper exposure.

Agfa recommends only 5 oz of processing liquid. The 5 oz means that you could carry tiny bottles of developer and fixer concentrate and be able process film on the road or in the field. The tank can hold as much as 16oz.

UNUSUAL: 35mm size daylight load tanks were made by Agfa, Kodak, Leitz and perhaps others. However, I have never seen one for 120-size film.

The tank is in new condition, it has never been used for processing. I used it for the first time today to load a roll of 120 Tri-X Film. It worked perfectly.

With box and instruction book in English.

There is a fun video on youtube that shows how easy it is to use.

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