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... anyone notice that Freestyle keeps raising the prices on film in the past few months? Two weeks ago I ordered 30 rolls of Rollei IR400 at $8.99 a roll....now it is $9.99...:-O
Yes, Efke IR820 slow disappearance drove Rollei IR400 price up.

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Nope, nor do I intend to. So I'll say it again - if you do, and if you have some allegations to make, and evidence, make them and show it.

I for one put less than zero stock in eyebrow wagging vague insinuations online without specifics.
No point of diluting Henning's thread further.
Even on APUG there are dozens of threads about how Kodak hands are being bend back, the lawsuits and who is interested in Kodak exit.
If You cared about Kodak., You'd keep yourself informed already.