heres the ret of my polaroid. most has been stored in the fridge up until 1mo ago, when i had to free up space.

all sold together, as a lot.

here's whats in the sale:
1. (2) 20sht(2x10sht packs/box) boxes T669(80asa color) both 2006 dated
2. (1) 10sht(foil intact) package T690(100asa color) 2005 dated
3. (3) 10sht(foil intact) packages T672(400asa b/w pos only) <2> 2004 dated, <1> 2005 dated
4. (1) 20sht (2x10sht packs) T664(100asa b/w pos only) <box open, foil seals on packs still intact> 12/2002 dated

all together, $160 shipped/paypal'd in the usa
int'l will be $180 shipped/paypal'd via priority mail
USPS Money Orders and Cashier's checks drawn on a US-based bank are also accepted

thanks for looking!