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Bingo, this is what I see missing in a lot of the anti-Kodak talk. I don't think RattyMouse is a troll, but his not very well informed or thought out blurts of his feelings toward Kodak sound an awful lot like that of 12 year old. There are days I feel like I am reading a post by a kid...

Off topic, anyone notice that Freestyle keeps raising the prices on film in the past few months? Two weeks ago I ordered 30 rolls of Rollei IR400 at $8.99 a roll....now it is $9.99...:-O
12 year old? My goodness. It's really simple. It is demonstrably true that Kodak does not view film as their core business. No one can argue against that. They dont want to be in the film business. I choose to support a company that DOES want to be in the film business. If that is the rant of a 12 year old then so be it.

Not that my film consumption makes any real different, so it is all theoretical from a realistic point of view. Anyway, here is my last 7 days work.