The night before last my wife was all excited that she had found an old Kodak #1 Panoramic camera on EBay. I was disappointed -- I want a 7x17! She's trying, though. This past summer she came home with some ancient swinging-lens camera missing half its parts and needing 4" (101mm) roll film. She's a good girl.

Iceland, yes: sorry. I have no idea why I typed Finland. Also, I like the print on Seagull Warm Tone very much. That paper seems to fit the image well. Thank you!


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> the panoramic print. Now I am forced -- forced! -- to buy

Dear Mike,

I used an old russian panoramic camera, a Gorisont, this one (top of the page)
They can be found at ebay for not much. I payed around 150$. I don't like the newer ones (Horizon) which contain a lot of plastic. But they may take good photos too. You can see them at the and of the page. New models can be bought.

The image was taken in Iceland not in Finland. Iceland is much more expansive. If you take a trip to there buying and extra camera does not count much ;-)