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Recently got a couple of wide angle lenses for my 35mm Nikon camera, 24mm, 28mm and 35mm. My past experience with Nikon wide lenses has been that they lack much if any feel to the helical focus. They usually turn too easy with no feel to them. I thought it was because they were old and worn out.
But, the ones I recently got are pre AI lenses still in their boxes with little or no use to them and the 24mm and 28mm still have that "no feel" helical to them. The little cheap 50mm E series lens actually has much more focus feel to it as does the old 35mm f/2.8 that I got. So, whats up with this?
Anyone have any ideas or experience with older Nikon wides that feel good to focus without the slop ??
Robert N.
Yes, every one I've ever owned or handled. That is, 20/3.5 Nikkor UD, 28mm/3.5 Nikkor H, 35/2 Nikkor O. No slop, just enough drag to give a good feel. I did regrease the 35 because the old grease was very stiff. All these are fluted fucussing ring pre Ai lenses.