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i have seen plenty of crap LF images, ULF images PT/PD images, Metal Images, Glass Images &c
... just like i have seen crap images from every other format and process.
nothing is superior, format size has nothing to do with the quality of images made by it ...
all it has to do with is the ego and superiority complex of the person using the format + process they hope will exhume their lack of talent into the halls of history.

equipment is a distraction.
Preach on.

I don't give a rat's ass what the format is -- it's just part of the tool you use to get the image in yr head into someone else's line of sight (be it on a monitor, in a print, etc).

Plus, each format (and tool in that format) has some very distinct advantages/disadvantages. Learn these, and you will be the master of every format.

So objectively, if you want portability and lots of auto-everything (and don't get me wrong, I use an F5 precisely for the excellent metering and autofocus at the speed of thought), use 35mm. But don't expect the sort of detail you'll get from 8x10 or even 6x6.