Equipment is a distraction if you let it. If you're chasing it as some kind of silver bullet, then you're more likely a gear whore or a dilettante. But if it is merely the tool required to produce the desired result, then there's nothing wrong with it. Yes, there's plenty of soul-less dreck made with every format, in every medium. But by the same token, don't go bashing work in other media just because it was produced via a tool/process/etc that doesn't make sense for you. Bash it if it truly is soul-less dreck. There's probably a lot more shite being made with Holgas than with 12x20 cameras, if only on a statistical basis because there's a lot more Holgas out there and the film for them costs a lot less, and they're 'hip' now so a lot of folks who don't know their f-stop from a hole in the ground are playing with them. Don't pick up a tool because using it will give you a cachet - use it because it does what it does and you want to do what it lets you do. A Hasselblad won't make you a better photographer for being a Hasselblad; however, it will if it gets out of your way and enables you to work more efficiently/effectively to communicate the ideas you want to create.