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"Wood is just not strong enough when as thin as I need it."

Will you please list the properties necessary and engineering application which requires this material? Is the camera you are building a secret? Shear, axial load, tension, compression, bending? Spill the beans. tim
First, please understand that I am not an engineer so I don't know what you are talking about; all I can give you is an idea.

4x5. The lens weighs around nine pounds. Picture an almost symetrical lens with 6" front lens, 5.25" rear lens with a Copal #2 in the middle - a deep waisted profile.

The lens would sit in a two-point cradle fastened (welded is fine) to a rail - round is good. Except for the back, there are no squared surfaces. Front and middle cradle points hold the very front of the lens (the only flat area up there) by a simple light pinch (not pressed), and the middle cradle is split with the top piece to pin the lens (gently) using sunken allens (like a scope mount). A third point is the tripod mount in front of the rear cradle. The bellows is anchored/swung from the very rear of the lens which, incidently, sits about 1" from the film. Bellows is about 2" deep (focus from very close to infinity is possible in that space).

Stainless would be nice, but aluminum will do.

I have tried plywood, and even laminated my own. Too weak for the thinness I want.