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one problem is that people are too busy
trying to copy other people's style instead of
using a camera, any camera, and finding their own style.

i certainly couldn't care less about someone else's tripod holes
or techniques or gear to make images " just like them "
it isn't the equipment that makes the images, its the thing under the hood.

and forums and online communities don't help much.

its kind of laughable ...
Much the same reaction as I have when someone says they did a photography course at school. They often come out with some very odd ideas about exposure settings and with a style which is pretty much the same as the teacher's.

I'd like to think that I could get a reasonable image from a field camera, but it definitely wouldn't suit my style. As an example, I was in one of my favoured locations yesterday. It involves a roughly half mile walk from the car to a dam with a couple of hydroelectric power plants at the base (the whole lot built in the 1890s-1900s so the architecture is worth a good long look, you notice more details every time you go). Ok with a Bronica ETRSi and 50mm lens on the shoulder strap and a tripod over my other shoulder, but there's no way you could have set the field camera up in the middle of the stone bridge just below the dam to get a shot of the looming stone monster, or moved in seconds when someone else wanted to cross it!