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Gosh, Vaughn ... I thought that up thar in the woods folks would be fermenting it for microbrew.
It takes me at least a decade to use up a bottle of Photoflow. It doesn't take more than a few drops
at a time. And kept too long it will breed Saprolegnia (water mold, just in case you want some of
that authentic aged taste in the hooch, Vaughn ... prints some labels like "Saprolegnia Silver" and
some place like Beverages & More could probably sell it.
The university darkroom (125 students/semester) has been working off the same bottle of Photo-flo here for well over a decade. But it is a gallon bottle...and is the Photo-flo 2100. Yes, mixed 1:2100 for use.

I take 7 oz of it and mix it to make a gallon of stock solution. The stock solution is then mixed at 1 oz per gallon for use. I doubt I will get thru the original gallon of 2100 before I retire.