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Sorry, I did not want to appear rude. However, I can take a picture with an M2 and in the darkroom, or through Photoshop make it look like a Holga image, but believe you can't do the reverse. But then you may not want to, but at least I have the choice.
I find that the mindset I have, and how I look at what I'm aiming the camera at when I shoot with a Holga is completely different than with a more traditional camera, so even if I can make an image exposed with more traditional gear look like a Holga picture in the darkroom or on the computer may not mean I've made the best picture for that look.... if that makes any sense whatsoever...

I like the way the Holga makes me look at the world, and I like that it's a different way than I see it when I'm using a Mamiya or something.