I had another good day there.

A Quarter Plate Dallmeyer Press (reflex) Camera with a Dallmeyer 6" f3.5 lens, a post WWII 6x6 Nettar, an almost mint Zorki C (S), a good TP Triple Imperial (minus bellows) for 20, and to cap it off a good TP Special Ruby Reflex with roll film back and excellent TTH Cooke lens. (I buy cameras to restore usually).

The one stall is always a winner, last time it was an excellent 10" RR lens for 30, this time the Zorki & Nettar at 5 each, but the real bargains were the shutters 2 each one with a coated 105mm f3.8 Xpres. Two stands away the seller wanted 35 for the same lens in an Epsilon shutter, that's the going price fitted to a camera

My problem is hiding the Press/Reflex camera from the wife The upside is she wants me to put cameras on display in our apartment in Turkey but I have to juggle what she wants seen with what I want to use here when in the UK

So come on Lloydy what did you buy.