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Thank you again for the great ideas - I am intrigued by the thought of developing at home. It certainly would save money when compared to going to the local Custom B&W lab. In fact, I think this would make film much more affordable in the future.
I strongly urge you to do this, even if no one gets you the bits for Christmas. You should be able to get everything you need for basic daylight processing of 35mm and 120 for about $80 - see $47 list above, $20 for dark bag and $3 for digital aquarium thermometer off eBay. And you need some way of measuring stuff; the cheapest approach is plastic kitchen measuring-jugs and (for highly concentrated devs like Rodinal) a 50c syringe (no needle) from the pharmacy. Then you're all ready to go and will pay $0.50 per roll instead of $10 to $20 for processing.