Sorry if this is the wrong forum, i've been gone for a LONG time.
I like Rodinal. Heck, I LOVE Rodinal. Now it's.. something else.
Anyhow, I was thinking of WD2D (I love PMK Pyro but with rotary it never worked well for me)...
I like developer that is dilutable and relatively inexpensive.
I shoot 5x7 and 120/6x6. I'm not opposed to replenishing (I used to replenish Acufine, but that was 120 in tanks)
Any thoughts? Sorry if I sound like a newbie, it's been 2+ years since i've gotten back in to the swing of things.
Rollo-pyro also sounds good.. *shrug* I like acutance, but really I don't even care so much at this point.