First post on APUG and I've already got a conundrum on my hands...

Today I called a man who was looking to sell his Hassy equipment for what I thought was a very good price. We made an appointment for tomorrow, agreed on a price, and discussed on a meeting place. I thought I was finally getting my MF setup, something that I've spent countless hours researching and studying in my spare time over the past 6 months.

Package includes:
500C/M with recent CLA
Eye level finder
3 A12 backs
and what was supposed to be an 80 f/2.8 T* (for only $350)
Total was $900

I can also pick up a polaroid back and a WLF for $50 each.

This evening I received a call from the seller saying that the lens had been bought, and promptly paid for, on eBay during the course of the day. He had intended to take down the listing when he finished his shoot, but it was already paid for so it would be complicated for him to cancel the sale (despite sounding like he felt really bad I wasn't getting the lens). Instead he's offered me a 120mm f/4 makro-planar for only $400 (so $50 more than I planned on paying). While I can find use for the 120mm, I was really planning on just having an 80mm for my Hasselblad kit, funds being tight and all.

Should I take the 120mm for $400 and maybe try and sell it/trade it for an 80mm later on or should I just pass on it and pick up a used late model 80mm f/2.8 T* from a nearby camera shop for $675? I don't mind the focal length, but there is a major versatility discrepancy between the 80mm and the 120mm in terms of using it as a walk around/environmental portrait lens.

I was so relieved to have finally had my MF setup all taken care of, but the news this evening has thrown a wrench into things.

Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated, but I don't have the luxury of sitting on this deal unless I decide to wait for a better one since I've got some travel next week that I was originally going to rent a 503+80mm kit for.