Cleaning out some Bronica 6x6 cameras and related items which are duplicates or are not used. Buy items and use them.

1) Bronica S2 body (ssn CB 21730, flip top finder, back w/ dark slide, 75mm f2.8 with helical unit, and rare neck
strap clips. $175 [I will try to locate the serial numbers for this Bronica Body to confirm it is the S2 and
not a S2A body....OR someone can chime in to confirm the body style]

2) Bronica EC body (sn CB315822), flip top finder, EC back w/ dark slide CM525730 (no helical unit or lens
included); works fine, I recently purchases a Bronica EC-TL and thus do not need this EC. $250

3) 150mm Zenzanon/Bronica f3.5 lens w/ rear cap but no front cap. Shutter blades clean/no oil, aperture works
fine, but old fungus on edge of glass. $95

4) 75mm f2.8 lens w/ rear lens cap, but no front lens cap. Glass clean, shutter blades clean/no oil. $65

5) 135mm f 3.5 Nikkor-Q w/ rear lens cap and non-original screw on front lens cap. Glass clean/no
scratches/marks I can see. $145

6) EC top mount light meter, all original w/ leather case, strap, and copy of instructions . I believe it works,
but do not have a battery for it. $75

7) S2A top mount light meter, all original w/ leather case, strap, and original instruction booklet. It worked fine
the last time I used it on my S2A body. $95

8) Bronica 40mm metal Lens Hood in original box (slip on style). $85 (At one time I had the 40mm Bronica lens,
but regrettably I sold it several years ago)

9) Bronica 50mm f3.5 Nikkor-H lens w/ lens cap and rear bronica cap. $225 (probably over priced, but not
convinced I should sell it even though I have a Bronica Nikkor 50mm f2.8 lens too. I am on the fence on
this great lens).

10) Bronica S style nonmetered view finder (mirror has some marks where silver has deteriorated, but works fine)

11) Bronica S2A body sold for parts/repair it will not fire. As Is.....$15

12) Bronica helical unit (broken) the unit will focus, but will not change the aperture on a lens. I believe the
part to make the lens aperture work is with it, but I don't know how the part attaches to the unit. $15

I will try to post pictures this week. All sale prices plus shipping/insurance, paypal fees if paid for in that manner, 3% donation to APUG on all sales. If prices are out of line tell me what you offer.

Send me an email or pm.
Jon Wilson
Boise, ID