I quite fancy a rangefinder myself.
In the short term my next camera (other than just having replaced my dead EOS33) will have to be a d****l SLR, but in the longer term I would love to bag a reasonable priced rangefinder, with reasonable TTL metering and I'd be interested in something like a 24mm and 35mm lens set with appropriate viewfinders. I don't fancy the type of finder that mounts on the top plate by the way.
The voightlanders look very nice, are they available with something like a 21-24mm and 35-40mm ish interchangeable finders? Leicas are way out of my price range, plus the snob value turns me right off (though really I should pay no such attention to such matters).
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I get very confused on the issue of rangefinders. Never used one, but I really like the idea.