I'd say that it's a great deal unless the stuff is falling apart/obviously non-functional/missing major components.

Omega D series enlargers are good enlargers, and any component they don't have that you need you can pick up pretty easily and cheaply.

The rotary processor if it isn't a Jobo is nice, but think of it as a freebie included. If it IS a Jobo, you PROBABLY hit the jackpot. The only downside is if it is an early Jobo CPA/CPP and it starts to fail, you'll basically have to buy another one to replace it instead of fixing it.

If the Speed Graphic is complete and working (ie has lens, film holder of some kind, and the focal plane shutter works reasonably accurately (they were never all that accurate to begin with)), you could expect to pay $300 for a good one anyway. So all that other stuff for $65? cool deal!