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Was it Karl Marx who first wrote "Capitalism is savagery?"

I'm not necessarily agreein', I'm just sayin'...

It would sure be nice though if we had figured out something a little more benign than what Karl Marx was describing.

And while I do agree that we seem to have gotten a little better over the years, it does seem to be such a little thing to require our own government to structure and enforce the rules to help ensure that companies really do keep the promises they make. Instead they make up laws and regulations with enough holes to make a lawyer happy! Oh yeah. Most of them are lawyers.

I completely agree that requiring companies...and States and Municipalities, to fully fund their obligations at the end of each year would certainly keep people a bit more realistic about the promises they make. But why do that? Don't worry, we trust you. And if it don't work out you can always hire a lawyer and sue them.

It was getting to the point that I was actually checking every year that my own company had deposited the matching funds they promised into my 401K. In my case they had actually done it when they said they would, but that little thing is not very well enforced either. Look at Enron, they were able to fund that with their own stock! Pretty handy for them but, as it turned out, not so handy for their employees.