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Consider this:

Many Canadians and Europeans come to the US for our expensive health care because it is the best. Clinics in border cities here are busy treating Canadians who cross the border for treatment. Oh, it is also quickly available. You don't have to wait months for treatment.

I went to a doctor at 9, had an MRI at 10 and was back in his office looking at 3D models of the scan on his computer. I have friends in England waiting months to see a doctor. My wife had a bug recently and called her GP at 8:30, and had a 9:30 appointment.


Regarding your descriptions of medical care provided, I'm not sure you really understand just how fortunate you and your wife are. For an individual, health care in the US is the best only if that individual has access to it. For the other 50+ million individuals in this country who don't, it's not really very good at all.