These are my first couple of pics from the Polaroid 250 I recently acquired. I did loose about 4 pics off the first pack of 10, film used was FP100c. Hopefully I will get better at salvaging pics on this camera. I found the white tab is very hard to pull out evenly. Several times the tab broke off and I had to slightly open the back to pull out the remaining.
Bottom line: A bunch of fun in spite of the little disasters. Next time I think I will try and find some Polaroid film to replace the fuji, maybe it will pull out better.
The pics are of my wifes last outdoor flowers of the season and the other is of a peak behind our home. We live at 8,000'.
Thanks for looking,

Scanner had dust in it which shows in flower pic, will have to really clean it in the future. And I over edited the pics. Next time should look better!