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Given the vulnerability to this kind of thing for the vast majority of working people with the exception of the very rich it always amazes me and I suspect most of the people in the U.K. and the rest of Europe why there is such opposition to a form of state/country health service which through taxes is free at the point of use.

I am certainly not in favor of a government run health care program although Medicare is already a form of government run health program. It is a fact of life that government bureaucrats have a natural knack of messing up just about everything that they try to actually run. On the surface they are quite tempting but there are many underlying problems that can be quite difficult to administer. PE has outlined just a few of those problems.

I do believe that our government should be able to enable and enforce laws requiring companies, municipalities and States to honor their obligations rather than permit them to pass those obligations along through the years like a big Ponzi scheme, financing them as they go, until they get in financial trouble.

I believe that they should all be required to fully fund their obligations at the end of each year, and if they were too conservative with their funding in the previous year then the shortfalls need to be funded as well. I know it is not as simple as it sound but this would help keep things on the square. If that means that they cannot announce a huge profit, or pay monstrous dividends at the end of the year, so be it. Please read this with a certain amount of healthy skepticism because I am sure there are better ideas out there than my own simple ones.