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And we still have people saying that the current system is just fine. No need to change a thing.

Lunacy is right. But I hate to admit... I haven't a clue how to make things better. I went to college, got a good job, make more money than God himself... yet I'm struggling... and only to be insulted at the grocery store when I'm buying ground meat of questionable origins and seeing steaks getting paid with government food cards (formerly "food stamps"). I'm not bitter, but I sure am frustrated... about health care, about job security, about getting the short end of every stick. Yet I'm blessed to be int he status I am becuase I know there are many,many who are not. What's worse... I don't think I trust ANY of the folks who say they think they know the way to a better life for all (or most. or many. or even just a few more).