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They get "serviced" only to the point of stabilization. That's the law. Then they get booted unless they have insurance. Or sufficient personal means.

Emergency care is hideously expensive. Orders of magnitude more costly than simple access to a primary care provider for preventative maintenance. But they do not have access to that level. So when their kids get sick, they do what they have to do. As would any parent. And because they have only been stabilized, they'll be be back again very shortly to be restabilized—if they haven't died before then.

It's an upside down system. Sniffles are being treated at regional trauma centers. And don't think for a minute that those unpaid costs are not being met. Look at your hospital invoice. See that line for ibuprofen tablets (Advil) at $80 per tablet? The insurance companies pay for that. That means you and me and employers paying indirectly through outrageous premiums.

My wife recently had a two night stay at a hospital for a broken elbow that required surgery. The room charge alone, nothing else, was $57,800. For two nights. That's the Motel-6 charge only. No doctor costs. No medical test charges. No rehabilitation. Just the room. Or half of the room, since it was shared.

And we still have people saying that the current system is just fine. No need to change a thing.


My daughter was born with an emergency C-section. I brought my wife into the ER as she was in MASSIVE pain. The ER treatment, the C-section and all other exploratory surgery and recovery costs totaled 40,000 dollars. This is in Chicago, a very expensive city.

You were ripped off big time.