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I said nothing in my last post about uninsured.
No, you didn't. But those 50+ million uninsured really are the 800-pound silent gorilla in the room, aren't they?

If we have to completely ignore one-sixth of the entire population of the United States—simply say nothing about them as if they didn't exist—in order to make the case that we have the best overall medical system in the world, then what that says morally and ethically about us is far worse than what it says about them.

They do count.

And the fact that they do not have any medical access to anything other than hideously expensive, and most of the time hideously inappropriate, emergency trauma room care is financially killing us all. Individuals and businesses. If we can't bring ourselves to do the sane thing and reform this upside down system—and do it fast—then the only other viable option would be to repeal the laws that require hospital emergency rooms to treat everyone to the point of stabiliztion. Then when they show up at the door just tell them instead to go find a quiet place under a freeway bridge somewhere and tough it out.

And when their problems are more severe than the sniffles, you know what that means...