If you want to try my working formula...

60ml dektol (stock solution)
5ml bromide (10%)
10ml freestyle's universal fixer (diluted 1:4)

You can probably omit the bromide if you want, I never tried without it. And the fixer has been used, but isn't exhausted. I'm guessing you can use fresh fixer, but you might want to cut back the amount a bit. Some clues to help fine tune the developer would be that if your image doesn't reverse (if it look like a negative) you'll need to add more fixer to your developer. Or if your image reverses, but it's very faint, reduce the amount of fixer. This developer does release ammonia gas because the fixer used is a ammonium thiosulfate fixer.

I'm redoing some old plates, and I found this developer poured onto my plates until the image appears, gets a nice golden-orange image. It usually takes 2-3 minutes for the image to appear. I keep a tray under my plate to catch the developer that falls, and pour it back on. This is enough developer for a full plate sized image (6.5"x8.5"). If you want an even development, you could fill a tray with it, just keep the proportions the same, but i never tried. I use the standard (cheapest) liquid light, but it is expired (2008).

I use film positives in the darkroom to make my plates. I expose my plates from 50 to 75 seconds, with my lens wide open (f/4.5) depending on the height of the enlarger.