Well, depending on the weather I will be going on another backpack trip with one of my boys and his high school backpacking club. On the last trip I took with them (last month) I took the 4x5 and 5 loaded holders -- only took one shot and I think it is a keeper (proof will be in the printing!)

If the rain coming in holds off, we'll go -- up into the Trinity Alps (Canyon Creek, but short of the lakes). Just 5 miles in and I'll take the 4 holders I did not use last trip. They are still loaded up with the out-dated Tech Pan. It is working out well! It should be a little more photographically scenic for me than the last trip...tho it was beautiful. I was just too lazy to go the extra distance after arriving to reach something I was more interested in photographing.

Dang kids and their fit teacher! I'll be bringing up the rear -- you need a 'sweeper' to make sure you don't lose any kids -- the parents are a bear to deal with! LOL!