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Not sure, Ultrafine wants 60 dollars to ship one roll to Canada, My guess is that with those terms, Bluemoon will probably be cheaper by a long shot.
Interesting, I received a note from the Ultrafine folks following up on my post.

Apparently they quote a fifty buck charge on their web site, but actually charge less after they figure the shipping. No way to find out before you order what the charge is. They did not indicate how they ship.

Here is what I replied to them.

"Thats nice, so the fee is somewhere up to 50 bucks I guess. I go to B&H and they tell me to the penny. I can't afford to risk that the cost will be 50 bucks to buy a roll of film or a box of paper. I have put things in the cart on your site many times only to bail out as I could not get any assurance of reasonable shipping. "

"Folks like myself who order a lot from the US have to guard for what I call the UPS scam. UPS will clear a shipment and charge about 30-50 dollars (Plus the actual Tax and Duty of course) to do so, and teh driver collects this COD with no appeal. So I have to have assurance that anything I buy will not come UPS."

"I think the Post was about a roll of 110 size film. B&H will get that here within the week for $8.53 plus sales tax. "