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So, it was destiny... After colleagues from my former workplace gave me a Hasselblad Manual as parting present three years ago, there was no way for me to avoid being pushed from 35mm to this forum: last Friday, an old friend from Sweden came with a 500 c/m he has no use for. After wiping my tears, I realized I still think in frames of 35mm SLR's, and I specially miss my split-image finder.

I checked around, and it appears that Acute Matte focusing screens are several times more expensive than third party ones. My question is: is there any fundamental flaw in cheap focusing screens? Such as not being properly aligned, etc...

Otherwise, I really started liking the machine, I never expected medium format could be so much fun
I've used Rollei,old hassy, rb67, maxwell and the acute matte. Nothing is close to the acute matte especially with a prism. It makes photography fast and certain.....and fun. Mine has a split image which is helpful for me.