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In my posts, I am merely comparing, on a level playing ground if it were, medical treatment without any concern about who pays what. On that basis, the US still leads. If it did not, then why do so many people come here for treatment. Before you jump in to answer, look at past threads on this and the comments.

Sure, you can make that kind of comparison. Just subtract—or ignore—all of the negatives until only positives remain. Anyone can do that. But it's a specious claim. A meaningless data point. The observation carries no relevance in the real world. It cannot be applied to the true reality of the health care crisis in this country with any expectation that a greater level of insight or understanding will be forthcoming. We can't do anything with it.

When I finally left through the emergency room eight hours after my wife's arrival I was saddened to see, still patiently sitting in the same chair in the admitting waiting room, the same single mother (no ring, I looked) holding her young daughter with a bandaged head showing some minor bleeding. Along with the thirty or so others also still waiting, presumably all without insurance. Most just staring blankly ahead. Eight hours later. I'm not making that up.

I didn't have the heart to stop and tell her that she should be thankful for the level playing field that allowed her injured daughter to be treated by the best medical system in the world.