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...It is CANADA that controls the price of drugs, not allowing them for sale unless Canada is allowed to set the price. This price is of course BELOW market costs...
Bold added by me. That is incorrect. Canada's permitted prices for drugs are below US market prices, not below what the pharmaceutical industry's costs of production and distribution are. If your statement were correct, there would be no prescription drugs for sale in Canada.

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...Were everyone to do what Canada does, drug design would suffer dramatically.
Such is the fiction / scare tactic promulgated by big pharma. Also, I'm not sure that, as a whole, the country has seen much benefit from drugs developed with huge profit potential in mind. Unless one thinks Viagra is of great value to society.

Overall, in my opinion, we'd be much better off with R&D for medications to attack disease being funded by the government. Then, production would be handed off (at no licensing cost if they agree to make the drug for at least a certain period of time) to manufacturing firms that produce generics. Of course, I thought the Affordable Care Act was an anemic half measure, with single-payer medical insurance being a much better solution.