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Bold added by me. That is incorrect. Canada's permitted prices for drugs are below US market prices, not below what the pharmaceutical industry's costs of production and distribution are. If your statement were correct, there would be no prescription drugs for sale in Canada.

Such is the fiction / scare tactic promulgated by big pharma. Also, I'm not sure that, as a whole, the country has seen much benefit from drugs developed with huge profit potential in mind. Unless one thinks Viagra is of great value to society.

Overall, in my opinion, we'd be much better off with R&D for medications to attack disease being funded by the government. Then, production would be handed off (at no licensing cost if they agree to make the drug for at least a certain period of time) to manufacturing firms that produce generics. Of course, I thought the Affordable Care Act was an anemic half measure, with single-payer medical insurance being a much better solution.
First off, if you were unable to have sex, you'd be damn grateful for Viagra. You show incredible insensitivity towards people who suffer from that condition.

Second of all, countries like Canada drive up US prices because they pay lower costs. That's a fact. Few industries are as risk intensive as drug design. For every drug that reaches commericalized status, 1,000 or more fail. The amount of money risked to produce a working drug that cures or mitigates a disease is enormous. Such risk should be rewarded no? Otherwise who would risk such money?

The average drug design chemist see ONE of his drugs reach commercialization during his entire CAREER. I'm not in drug design, but I am a chemist with several colleagues in that industry. Close to 20 years of cancer research and he has yet to get a drug into the market. 20 years of work. I work in Industrial lubricants for manufacturing. I get 10-15 products into the market per year.

Further, the amount of equipment needed to do drug design is enormous. A 50,000 dollar GC is a baby's toy compared to NMR spectrometers, X-Ray crystallography etc, that runs into the hundreds of thousands or millions. Very few PHD's work i my industry. Drug companies have PHD's coming out of the wood work. They get the highest salary.

Finally, drug companies over the past several years are laying off THOUSANDS of research chemists all over America. My friend over at (what used to be Abbott) is hanging on for his life right now. 20 years in cancer research and he has told me that he expects to be laid off at any moment now, the pressure on pharmaceutical companies is that intense now. He said if that comes to pass, his days of medicinal chemistry are over. There is no hope to get a job anywhere else in that field.

I always wanted to be in drug research and cursed that I never got into that field. But after seeing what goes on in there, I am grateful to have escaped that pressure filled pot.