One other thing Sal. At my former company, I worked next to a chemist, a lady who suffered from a very rare form of gastrointestinal cancer. This cancer is completely untreatable by chemotherapy or radiation. ONE year before she got this cancer, it would have been a death sentence. Her great luck was that GLEEVIK (not sure if I am spelling that right) came on the market before she developed this cancer. This drug keeps her alive, as long as she takes it. It took decades to develop a drug like this and the costs of that R & D must be recovered. The drug is amazingly expensive. I cant remember the price she told me, over $10,000 a month I'm sure. But it has kept her alive over 5 years. She got to see her kids graduate from college thanks to that drug.

You can be damn sure that the people who funded that research did so for a return. NIH funded work pays for some drug design work but never in its entirety. Private money must be used.

It is incredibly ignorant to say "I'm not sure that, as a whole, the country has seen much benefit from drugs developed with huge profit potential in mind."

Amazingly ignorant.