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Hello, I have asked the guys at ag photograhic, who have always been very helpful! I thought I would ask here as well. I recently bought amid a large batch of paper a box of 2/3 full kentmere ART from a 100 sheet box in 8x10 size. All other papers aside all of which are superb, this paper has such a unique hand crafted arty look and it is stunning! However I came to find it was discontinued, Long ago!

Are there any equivalents from any other manufacturers? It's such an amazing paper, has just a hand crafted look I really want to see in some of my best shots, I am making a portfolio soon of all my shots. Love the base, whites and blacks, such a hand crafted rag-like appearance!

Any ideas on equivalents?

Unfortunately, the ART CLASSIC and KENTONA papers had poor keeping properties. They were excellent when fresh.
The papers you have bought are likely to have poor contrast even if you add more carbonate and benzotriazole to your developer.

I agree with eddie that Ilford Multigrade ART 300 would be your best option or one of the Foma Chamois surface papers.