I think many digital zealots (they're of course not all like this), want to see film die for same reason that PC zealots wanted to see the Mac/Amiga/Atari die. Many people see any enthusiasm contrary to their own as being something to be feared/destroyed, see football hooliganism. Also, I think people can see others who don't follow the herd as a threat, I believe that this is why Sigma and their Foveon sensor get a hard time on the enthusiast forums. I think that these people can often see any use of a product not endorsed by themselves as a personal insult, like we think they were stupid to buy a Canikon D5d Mk III or whatever.

I think it's a issue of psychology of fear, or wanting to be part of a larger pack. You see it a lot in the computer enthusiast scene, people want their choices validated by the millions of others making the same choices. Those who disagree are to be feared and suspected. It's religion for those who may not want to subscribe to a Deity-style religion, but still feel they want to be part of something bigger than themselves, and be validated by their peers.

That's what I have come to think from many years in the computer enthusiast world, and more recently, the photography world.

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Interesting article. Ideally, one would like to see both film and digital peacefully coexisting as tools alongside each other. But for some quite strange reason, digital zealots seem aggressively intent on "killing" film and enjoying the process of watching it die. It's almost as if they associate film-photography fans with an incurable, conservative adherence to a Luddite past. In any case, companies like Fuji are doing themselves no favors at all by NOT promoting the increased use of film. Once the market is saturated with digital cameras and the newest models of XE-1-Pro-Mach X DXYs and other such nonsense, there's nothing left to sell, unless they decide to become specialists in memory card production or software to rival PhotoShop.
With the resurgence of film in China, perhaps some unknown Chinese billionaire will pick up the tab for Kodak's film division? As for the rest of us, stock up your freezers with your favorite emulsions now.