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On some of these lenses, most of the radiation comes from the rear elements. Are these radioactive lens that much sharper?

I little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
Background, I have BS and MS degrees in Nuclear Engineering as well as having worked and managed all areas of Commercial Nuclear Power including Health Physics.
The device shown, Inspector EXP has a limit of 300,000 Counts per Minute(CPM) or 100mr/Hr.
Now one would not want to live in a 100mr/Hr radiation field but it would take over 4500 hours of continuous whole body exposure at 100 mr/Hr to reach the LD/50 or Lethal dose to 50% of the individuals exposed without any medical intervention.
The video seems impressive but the levels measured don't appear to excede 10,000 CPM or further factor of 300 less exposure. So a little noise makes what is in reality very low readings seem very impressive.
But there is more, the different organs of the body have different sensitivities to radiation, the lens of the eye being particularly more sensitive. Any beta(electrons) or Alpha(Helium nuclei) particles will be stoped by the body of the camera from reaching the eye leaving us to contend with Gamma(High energy Photons or light) particles.
At the levels this device appears to be measuring and the usage factor, I would not have any worries.-Dick