Actually the ND filter is 3 stops (8x), and it's a solid one. I shouldn't have put 3x in my first post, sorry for the confusion. What I don't quite understand is the notation that some places use which are .3 for 1 stop, .6 for 2 stops, and .9 for 3 stops. I can understand the 8x math (2^3). Hmm, weird :-) Anyways, thanks for the tip on metering. I may go with grad NDs down the line at some point once I get more comfortable shooting landscapes in b&w.

Good tip on overusing the 25A. I will certainly watch for that. Have you ever used the 25A in portrait work? It seems like it would be a good filter for that, given skin tones. In my digital conversions of color->bw, I almost pick a method that emphasizes the red tones in portrait work.