I just got a Rolleiflex 2.8C and I'm wondering if anyone else who has one has some tips on the quirks of this particular model. Most specifically, the shutter/aperture controls, and secondarily, the strap for the camera.

The aperture settings on my 2.8E have 2.8-4-5.6-8-11-16-22. The 2.8C shows ...8-11-.-22, with the dot being very close to the 22. Is f16 the dot? I assume you put the single line in the control window directly over the number to set for example f8, and to get f 8 1/2, you put the line halfway between the 8 and 11.

The shutter speed dial does not seem to have click stops (although this could just be another symptom of my particular example needing a serious CLA). I would assume the shutter speeds are not settable for in-between speeds, or am I wrong on this?

As for the strap, I have the traditional scissors-clip strap for my 2.8E. The 2.8C strap lugs are different, as are the guides, which don't seem to have enough space in them to fit much of ANY strap through. Is there some specific strap that goes on this camera, or am I just missing something about using the scissors clips?