The 545 holder is superior to either the Kodak or Fuji official holders, and will work with either brand
sleeve. It has some heavy redundant rollers in there that can simply be removed if you carefully plug
any leftover screwholes with black cement. Individual holders vary one from another in how flat they
hold the film. None are pefect, but in general do not have a hard out-of-focus bend at the insertion
edge like the official holders. When you pull a sleeve free, hold it up against something bright with a
straight line, like a rectangular bank of fluorescent room lights, and study the waviness in the
refleced image on the shiny film emulsion. That tells you a lot about the flatness of the film plane.
The demise of this system is really sad, though for a horrendous price you can still find Quickload
film in Japan and misc odds n' ends of Kodak Readyloads opportunistically here.