The last time I had to pay my own way, it was >$800/mo for my wife and me. This was a high-end policy with hardly any out of pocket expense. Just last year I was helping my 25-year old find insurance and a catastrophic policy with high deductibles was $40-150/mo. Every little benefit stepped up from the bottom added a few dollars to the cost. Insurance that will save a young, reasonably healthy person from bankruptcy due to catastrophic illness is really very cheap. But if you want a Cadillac policy, you will pay a Cadillac price.

And when I was paying that high price, I was working on a contract at a big biotech drug company. It was very educational. The costs of developing a new drug are truly staggering.

Imagine an ultimate nerd splices a gene from a turnip into an amoeba. He thinks it might make the amoeba shit some chemical that will cure cancer. Grow those amoebas in a test tube. Then in a jar. Then in a jug. Finally in a 5,000 gallon tank. Then some other geniuses have to figure out how to filter a half-pint of bug shit out of that 5,000 gallon tank. Do this several times until you have enough to see if it really works. Have some other geniuses figure out just how you will know if it works or not. Wait 10 years. Did it work? Repeat.