A lot of just plain ignorance out there how the system works, plus tons of hot air now that it's a
hotbutton election issue. I'll stay out of that because it's obviously political in nature. But I can
give a good idea of why drugs cost what they do - R&D, certification, and liability. My office is right
across the tracks from some of the biggest pharmaceutical outfits in the world. This is the epicenter.
The average drug takes 500 million to develop, and then if something goes wrong, it can cost billions
in lawsuits. So it takes a LOT of profit to turn a buck in the long haul. And you'd be absolutely amazed at the level of quality control (at least in this neigborhood). My wife worked for several years
in quality control in a designer prototyping lab, and the trade secret and lab equip investment was
staggering. Her office was literally inside a vault, and the vials of serum were worth on the avg
about $40,000 per ten grams. Take that to the next level, say, mass production at someplace like
Bayer, and a 5-gallon bucket is worth about 5 million at production level. A single hair or bit of dust
in that, and it would all get thrown out! The floors are stainless steel and steam cleaned before every batch. So it get pretty involved.