I bought a used Linhof Tecknikardan from Scotland, knowing it had a bad bellows, in about 2004. I asked here and on the LF Forum where and how to get a new bellows before I made the purchase. The quote figured into the camera price. Most recommendations were for Camera Bellows in England, over Western Bellows Jim 7454 Henbane St. Etiwanda, CA 91739 (909) 980-0606 even though Western was closer.

Camera Bellows quoted about $200 plus postage. If I remember correctly, a new bellows was about $560 from HP Marketing, the Linhof USA distributor. I don’t remember the postage cost, England to OH, USA, but it seemed quite reasonable. They said send the old bellows and frame in. I did and the new bellows came back on that frame. They solved the problem you are asking about and put on the new bellows. It worked beautifully for me through last summer when I sold the camera to a pro named Ari in Montreal, Canada on the LF Forum. That camera has traveled.

My understanding is that Camera Bellows closed their doors some time after 2004, but the actual bellows builder reopened under a new name. “Custom Bellows” replaced “Camera Bellows” That site seems to be working today.

Good luck. Drop me a PM telling me how it works for you.

John Powers